About Us


Our company is a Member of the International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) and will bring a host of resources to assist you in your search. When you work with a professionally trained franchise consultant you are tapping into a franchise professional who has a process in place to help you succeed in your search for the right business.

How can we help you?
  • We’ll spend the time needed with you to understand what your goals are. Imagine buying a home or even a car without first stepping back to decide what you need and what your investment range should be? You owe it to yourself and your family to start your search with some guidelines in place–that is where we can help.
  • After we understand what your personal and professional goals are, we’ll begin contacting franchisors on your behalf. You’ll never have to visit websites, request information and then wait around to see if a franchise is potentially the right fit–we’ll do all of that for you.
  • We’ll show you franchises that you’d probably never even consider on your own. Yes, that is something that an experienced franchise professional, with a deeper understanding of the opportunities in today’s marketplace, will regularly do for their clients. If you love coffee, you’ll probably gravitate to a looking at coffee franchises, even though owning a coffee franchise has very little to do with loving coffee. You owe it to yourself to understand what franchise models best align with your existing skills and we’ll help get that picture into focus.
  • If you need financing, we can refer you to 3rd party lenders who specialize in financing franchises. All too often someone’s life’s dream of franchise ownership is squashed by their local bank’s loan officer who many have little or no experience in lending to potential franchisees.
There are many more benefits and services that we can bring to your search, so please visit our Contact Us page to get started.

Client Testimonials

I am very fortunate to have connected with Lee Ng during my search to become a franchisor owner.  Lee listened to my needs and actively provided 3 incredible opportunities that I was able to evaluate and ultimately signed off on.  Lee routinely checked in with me on my evaluation progress and acted as a coach and a friend.  He imparted his knowledge and encouraged me to follow through on my instincts and evaluate each opportunity on its own merits and make data driven decisions.  I enjoyed learning from Lee and really appreciate his guidance and sharing of his knowledge and network with me.  He is not only a wonderful person to work with but he is also authentic and genuinely wants the best for you.  #AuthenticLeadership

Ling C

“Lee helped us learn about business ownership and evaluate several different franchises. He listened to us and helped us find the right business that worked for us and our family, without any pressure. He helped us work with different franchisors to understand their business, and to find funding to start our business. That was five years ago — since then we have expanded into a second location, and I’ve quit my old corporate job and have more time with my kids. Thank you Lee for making this possible! I recommend Lee to anyone who is interested in learning about franchises and business ownership.”

Jesse W & Ken K

“I’ve been looking for the right business for a long time and was shocked at how quick Lee was able to find a perfect match for me.  He follows that up with a positive, warm and supporting approach to providing knowledgeable insights to the franchisor/franchisee relationship.  His approach and guidance helped me to focus and maintain clarity on the important aspects during each step of the process.  His coaching style, demeanor and knowledge transcends the franchise and business world.“

Patrick C