1-800 Striper

1-800 Striper

Striping falls in line with paving, seal coating, repairing, and other pavement services but stands alone. Striping is typically the one service not provided by typical paving companies. These companies, as well as individual business customers, will seek out striping specialists like 1-800-STRIPER® to add the finishing touches to their projects. What’s more, we often see other striping companies move on from parking lots to work exclusively on roadways -- leaving a market gap for B2B striping services to be filled by our franchise owners.

We don’t just draw lines. There’s an art to it, a skill. The services we offer go way beyond paint. We are building relationships in our communities by providing a quality service. Think of all the parking lots, structures and garages you see each day driving around your town or city. Businesses, medical facilities, schools, churches and more depend on safe, effective traffic flow. Professional stripers understand the need for a well-thought-out design to keep motorists and pedestrians moving and parking efficiently.

1-800 Striper1-800 Striper
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